Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I get neat *cuss* from old people!

Oh my cussin god! My co-worker from Hallmark just gave me this little puppy bag that will hold all my pens and things for school. It has a little pouch that says lunch money for and then a banner where I can write in my name. It fills me with delight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

waves remind us that there are reliable patterns like our breath.

This morning I'm trying to get in some much needed blog time with the newest addition to my dad's record collection of Joni Mitchell and my Beatles mug filled to the brim with delicious coffee. I cannot emphasize on the much needed.
Anyway, I have recently started my training at Target and I gotta tell ya... my position is probably one of the most ridiculous ones there. The operator has to answer calls, direct them, manage the dressing rooms, get carts ready for the "reshop party" which is just when some of the floor people come and take time to put back things that were out of place in the store the night before. I have to remember to call out breaks and give the closing announcements and do pulls, zones, and reshop at the end of the night. WHAT!? That is crazy amount of shit to remember!! I think my brain might just stop working after all this haha. Right now its not that bad because I have other people to help me but oh man...we'll see.

Alright so I have been trying to find some new artists on the web that I really like and I think I find one!!! She does a lot of illustrations and they all have some really beautiful details. I love the John Lennon ones!

Till next time..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two jobs & school full time.


Just reviewing my upcoming weeks with my new target schedule...im getting very overwhelmed and questioning if i can really succeed with this "full plate"
School starts on the second which is stupid to do because its before labor day and its a thursday. Its a waste to have the first day of classes to be on a thursday. Plus the fact that once i get out of my last class that day i have to rush back to racine to make it to my job. ugh. Please give me the strength to make this work.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I will have gray hair before I am 25.

A quick update!!!
Today I went to my second "interview" for Target. Why the quotations, you ask? Well this wasn't an interview more like an offer. Yep thats right I got offered a position at Target, heaven as I sometimes call it when I find super cute stuff there. Half my wardrobe is from Target my favey sunglasses at the moment are from there and I always enjoy their "back to school" section out of all the other chains (ie: walmart, shopko, kmart) My go-to place! So anyway I accepted and then they tell me I have to take a drug test...24 hours after the offer. So I am thinking to myself "oh shit karen you had a lemon poppy seed cookie yesterday, I am screwed" but hopefully if i tell the people at the drug testing place of my slip up that it wont ruin my test results. Stupid delicious cookie!!!!!
So then I went to hallmark to pick up my check and chat with some of the ladies. The newest piece of gossip is that one of the girls is getting fired today! But she was asking for it. Always giving her hours away and not showing up half an hour late. Ugh, so as of today she has been terminated. Oh well more hours for the rest of us!! *smiles*
After all that I went over to Margarets house because she was going to take me to Parkside so we could find my classes. It was so nostalgic for her seeing where she use to meet her friend after psych 101 and how she met Gary her husband there and it was cute! We had a good time, lots of laughs and talks of getting so much coffee there! I am getting more and more excited to start in the fall. I just want to be a college student again!!!!!!!!!
So to recap....I have to pass drug test and then ill have 2 jobs going to school full time and trying to have a social life.. which by the way is getting way out of hand .. ha ha. Too many functions to keep track of!!!!!!!
Just the week alone I have work on monday, brewer game on tuesday, interview on wednesday, work and my friends "going away bon fire party shindig" on thursday, milwaukee with my lady jessica and my friend alex's ladies night party friday, work and my friend kevins 21st and kates second going away party at my fellas house on saturday, and work open to close on sunday.

*ps... sorry this "quick update turned more into a rant about all my happenins

Friday, August 6, 2010

bonding time.

Since my mom left she has been desperately trying to retie that bond that she had with us kids. It has been kind of hard and I am not going to lie I havent been the easiest daughter to her about the whole situation. But I did get a "talkin to" from the godmother so I have been trying to be a little nicer. So today was bonding day and my mom came over to the house and took Katie (baby sister) and I to Horsefeathers, a novelty shop in Illinois that sells a bunch of weird things and cheap gauges for people and incense and scarves and handmade paper.
Its just a neat little shop and the owner Lorenzo has three cute dogs that walk around the store!! Coco is my favey because she doesnt move from the counter and shes cute as a button!! Anyways here is what I got for 15 bucks.....drum roll....
chinese mary janes! I got a pair in white and turquoise. Pretty fricken comfy too!
I am planning on wearing them tomorrow for work! I showed them to Margaret at work tonight and she was very impressed and told me I have to take her sometime soon! Ill probably be buying more pairs in the other colors. =]

Sunday, August 1, 2010