Wednesday, April 28, 2010

kids and scarface.

The best school play ever!!

"you son of a bee"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

holy cow this puppy needs an update!

WHEW! this past week has been completely nutz. I have been working NONSTOP so my check is going to be pretty nice looking but that also means I havent been getting a lot of sleep. (oh well I'll sleep when I am dead) =] But anway on top of working at Hellmark like hella lot I might be getting another job at either Aurora with my older sister and mom or a job at Bath and Body Works with my friend Richelle. Who knows... as long as I get another job I'll be happy. I NEED MORE MONEY!!! haha...
This saturday is my fellas birthday... I am throwing him a superhero themed party where we are going as super owls!!!!!! we've been busy making masks and wings and figuring out our attire... hes going to wear tights!! I am very excited to see him all decked out! I hope he has a good time. I am also taking him to Organ Pipers Pizza for lunch when I get out of work at 3. It will be a treat!
Today I was very productive... I finally scheduled my classes for this falls semester. Math, reading, writing, soc and digital art...yay! But I am not looking forward to the math yuck. Also I finished my homemade saddle shoes... they are caaaaaaa-ute! I cant wait to wear them out!
That is all for now... I promise I will keep up with this more.
Till then, have a good day!