Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello strangers.

Well its more of myself that has become the stranger. My apologies for being so quiet on here. I have been crazy busy with shooting weddings, finishing up my first year as a transfer at parkside, and getting a job at bath & body. whew! its been hectic. but on top of all that i have decided to make a tumblr...yes i have crossed over. basically this blog has been a great venting space and random thoughts to be placed but it had no direction and it was hard to keep up with updates. my new home will be a daily dose of things i find inspiring to my pursuit of opening an etsy shop. I hope the few and lovely people who follow this here blog will show their support in my ventures.
thank you for all your comments and thoughtful words, i hope you like my new direction.
I may every once in a while update on here, but tumblr has sure won my heart in a day. haha.